Found on eBay: 1978 Laverda Jarama

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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Sometimes vehicles wind up with funny names. Consider such comical comical masterpieces as the Daihatsu Charade (is it pretending to be a car?) and the AMC Gremlin (aren’t they supposed to have all the gremlins worked out before they start selling a car?)

Which brings us the the Laverda Jarama, an unusually-named motorcycle from the Italian company who also brought us the lovely Jota (along with the continuing pronounciation quesiton; YO-ta? JO-ta?)

According to noted expert Ian Falloon (from his book The Laverda Twins & Triples Bible), the Jarama name began being used in 1978. The book states “For the US the 3CL was titled the Jarama, after the racing circuit outside Madrid in Spain. The Jarama featured a left-side gearshift, right-side rear brake, side reflectors, a rear vision mirror, and lower gearing, but wasn’t particularly successful in America. Some Jaramas (red and green only) were reimported from the US by Slaters and sold in the UK at the discounted price of £1999. Slaters and other dealers also converted some of these Jaramas to Jota specifications to speed up sluggish sales, these known in the trade as ‘Jarotas.'”

This particular Jarama shows just less than 12,000 miles and appears to be in very nice condition, though it has been repainted in a non-factory green paint color. The seller also says the bike has a small crack in the tail piece, a piece of plastic missing off the headlight switch, and could use a carb tune-up as it isn’t being ridden regularly right now.

To visit the auction, go here.

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