Family Heirloom: 1962 Honda CA100 Super Cub

An old Cub, passed along from one generation to the next, sparks a Honda CA100 restoration project.

| January/February 2017

1962 Honda CA100
49cc air-cooled OHV single, 40mm x 39mm bore and stroke, 8.5:1 compression ratio, 4.5hp @ 9,500rpm
Top speed:
43.5mph (claimed)
Single Keihin DP13HOV
3-speed, enclosed chain final drive
6v, coil and breaker points ignition
Pressed steel step-through frame/46.5in (1,181mm)
Leading-link forks front, dual shocks rear
4.3in (110mm) SLS drums front and rear
2.25 x 17in front and rear
Weight (dry):
143lb (65kg)
Seat height:
29.1in (739mm)
Fuel capacity/MPG:
0.8gal (3ltr)/100mpg (estimated)/254mpg at 18.6mph (claimed)
Price then/now:

A lot of people have family heirlooms. One family cherishes the Niagara Falls plate that Great-Grandma Letitia stole from a restaurant in 1907, while another esteems the knight’s casque, saved for generations, that hides an awful, bloody secret that no one actually remembers. Dane Berens’ family heirloom is much more mundane. It’s a Honda Super Cub.

A Honda Super Cub may not be the most beautiful or powerful or imposing motorcycle ever built, but it is an important part of transportation history, all the same.

The Honda Super Cub is probably the most successful motor vehicle ever produced. Introduced in 1958, it is still being sold in many countries and is the most produced motor vehicle in history. Production hit 87 million in 2014. There’s nothing at all special about Dane’s family Cub to distinguish it from the millions of Cubs that Honda has churned out over the last 50-plus years — except the good memories it represents.

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