Found on eBay: 1977 Honda Gold Wing GL1000

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With spring on the way, getting out the old bike, loading it up and going touring is pretty much all we’re thinking about. We start digging maps out of the tankbags they’ve been in all winter and marking routes and campsites we plan to visit just as soon as the weather allows. With that in mind, this week’s eBay searching led us to a nice, mostly original early Gold Wing that’s just a pair of soft-saddlebags away from being our vision of a great classic tourer.

“Mic,” as his current owner calls him, is a 1977 Honda Gold Wing GL1000 with a little over 35k miles. Though in need of a bit of preventative maintenance, this appears to be a solid old bike that has been loved and cared for throughout its life. The caruburetors have just been rebuilt, and it even still has the original kick starter under the right side cover, complete with the original strap that secures it.

Can’t you see yourself on a nice weekend trip on this gorgeous old Wing? We can. Buy it before we do.

To see the auction, click here.

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