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Chris Keele’s 1971 Honda CB100

Reader Contribution by Mc Staff

Restored to better than new, Chris Keele’s 1971 Honda CB100 looks stunning. 

Rider: Chris Keele, St. George, Utah
Age: 61
Occupation: Retired auto parts store owner
Rides: 1969 Honda CT90, 1971 Honda CB100, 1979 Honda CB750K

Chris’ story: A former motocross racer, Chris got away from the sport after an accident that resulted in losing his left foot. But his love of motorcycles never left him, and a few years ago he started getting back into the sport. For his re-entry, Chris decided to start with something small, as he’s always had a love for “tiddlers,” little bikes with big hearts. Recently, Chris restored this lovely 1971 Honda CB100, and sent us a short letter to tell us about it.

“My Honda CB100 came to me sight unseen from a man in Ohio, who showed some pretty good photos of it on the Internet. But when the commercial transport dropped it off, it was hard to overlook the rust on all the bolts and the general lack of respect from someone along the way. It had only 2,600 miles on the odometer and ran very well, so I was pleased to have a nice basic bike to start with. It was my first complete frame-off build, and I really enjoyed my time with the project.

“The frame and all the black painted pieces are powder-coated, and all the bolts, nuts and washers are stainless steel. The wheels were done at Buchanan’s Spoke & Rim with stainless steel spokes and nipples and the brake hubs were polished. The rims were replated chrome while they were disassembled. The paint is House of Kolor candy apple red and white over a gold base, with several coats of clear. It’s as close to original as we could match. I polished the engine cases and a lot of aluminum while I had the engine out, and the handlebars, exhaust pipe and all the other chrome bits were replated while they were off. It was very easy to find new parts from my friends at Jorgensen’s Honda in Richfield, Utah — the wiring, switchgear, turn signals and taillight are new. Great fun!”

Since finishing his little Honda CB100, Chris has modified it with a hand-shifter so he can actually ride again. Welcome back, Chris! — Ed. 

  • Published on Apr 3, 2012
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