Found on eBay: 1976 Honda CB750F

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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Buying a bike on eBay can be a crapshoot. While there are some well-known, reputable dealers out there, there are also plenty of shade-tree mechanics who swear they’re selling the most perfectly-restored bike you’ve ever seen. Well there’s nothing to worry about with this week’s bike, as this beautiful, original 1976 Honda CB750F is for sale by Axel at

Showing just 9,925 miles and 100 percent original and unrestored, this is definately something special. The bike needs nothing to be displayed, though it’s possibly-original tires would need to be replaced if you intend to ride this bike. It has a fresh battery, and the right-hand switch pod was replaced with a new-old-stock unit a couple of months ago. Though stunning, the bike does have a few small paint defects on the tank and one sidecover.

To visit the auction and to view more pics of this gorgeous Honda CB750F, go here.

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