Found on eBay: 1983 Honda CX650E

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall
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If this bike looks familiar but you just can’t put a finger on why, you’re not alone. Yes, it looks sort of like a 1983 Honda CX650T, the turbocharged V-twin that was availabile in the U.S. for just one year. But the fairing looks different somehow, and it’s missing the giant “Turbo” lettering on the exhaust. Why you ask? Because it’s not a Turbo.

This 1983 Honda CX650E is the non-turbo version of the CX650 that was popular in Europe, but never sold in the U.S. This particular bike was brought onto the continent through Canada and now lives in Florida. According to the auction, the bike is much the same as the Turbo, “but with out the heat, spool-up time, and low reliability of the turbo bike.”

The CX650E shares the same liquid-cooled and shaft-drive set up as the Turbo, and the listing says this bike has no issues other than an “intermittent squeak in the rear suspension somewhere, and faded graphics. Otherwise starts, runs, shifts, stops perfectly. And looks great doing it.”

We think it would make a great all-around ride, and the joy of having something unusual just adds to the fun. To visit the auction for this 1983 Honda CX650E, go here.

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