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SYM Wolf Classic 150 (Video)

By Staff

SYM Wolf Classic 150 (Video)

By Richard Backus

The small-bore single gets a new lease on life with the new SYM Wolf Classic 150.

Honda may no longer build the CB125, but SYM has continued cranking them out, first in 125cc guise and now as a 150 it markets here as the Wolf Classic. If you’re only mildly familiar with the original CB125S you’ll be forgiven for looking at the Wolf and thinking, “Hey, cool old Honda,” because that’s what most people think. While we were photographing our test bike, a 50-something passerby was mildly incredulous when we told him our SYM wasn’t a restored classic but a brand new bike. Read more about the SYM Wolf Classic 150.

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  • Published on May 20, 2014
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