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10 Motorcycle Tools You Need

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1. Though the motorcycle tool kits that come with bikes have gotten better over the years, they’re still emergency-use-quality motorcycle tools at best, and if some ham-fisted twit had the bike before you, the tools are often missing or busted. Replace them with a Roadside Toolkit from Aerostich. This compact motorcycle tool kit includes PowerDrive combination wrenches and a host of other essentials. The M2 kit includes 10mm and 12mm open- and box-end wrenches, an 8-inch power drive wrench, cable ties, safety wire, lubricant, a spark plug wrench, Allen wrenches, a pressure gauge, screwdriver and even a shop towel. Replacing or supplementing your OEM kit with one of these will make a big difference during your first roadside or trailside adjustment or repair. Price: $39. More info:

2. Here’s a simple motorcycle tool that’s easy to use and sure to help maintain the life of your chain and sprockets. With your chain guard off, simply attach the Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool to your rear sprocket and adjust the wheel until the alignment rod is true to the chain. Works every time. Price: $24.99. More info:

3. If you’ve ever been around race bikes, you’ve probably seen one of these in action. These Bikemaster Safety Wire Pliers are available in 7-inch or 9-inch sizes. Essential for every racer’s toolbox, these forged steel pliers feature a heavy-duty spring and chromed retainer slide and a ball bearing puller for easier operation. Each set of pliers comes with 25 feet of stainless steel wire. Price: $27.86 (7-inch), $44.96 (9-inch). More info:

4. Adjusting the valves on most classic motorycles isn’t too hard with the right tools. On engines that feature screw adjusters, a good set of open-end wrenches and possibly a good blade screwdriver, along with a set of feeler gauges, will often do the trick. But if you really want to make this aspect of classic motorcycle repair easy, try these special valve adjuster tools from Dennis Stubblefield Sales Inc. Tool #55 is a universal 6-piece valve adjustment kit featuring three different sizes of the 2-piece valve adjuster tool you see here. These fit most 4-stroke single and multi-cylinder Japanese engines. Also available is Tool #49 (shown), which works on most 1950s to 1970s Triumph twins of 500cc, 650cc and 750cc displacement. Price: $71 (Tool #55), $25 (Tool #49). More info:

5. Get your fuel delivery sorted with this easy-to-use device and reap the benefits of a smoother running engine. A step beyond the commonplace mercury carb stick, the TwinMax Synchronizer sports digital accuracy and no moving parts such as springs or diaphragms. Powered by a 9-volt battery (included), the TwinMax works on carbureted and fuel-injected engines of 2, 3, or 4 cylinders. For bikes without vacuum synch ports, one 5mm threaded adapter per cylinder is required ($9, not included). Price: $109. More info:

6. Motorcycle tires last longer when air pressures are correct, and if there’s one easy way to make your bike handle better, it’s to always have the correct air pressure in your tires. Bikemaster’s Tire Gauge is available with or without a hose. The gauge features a bleed valve, and also maintains pressure readings until you press the release button. The gauge without a hose features a swivel end chuck, while gauges with a hose feature an angle end and an extension bar. Price: $11.66 (0-60psi model without hose), $19.76 (0-60psi model with hose). More info:

7. Breaking and staking motorcycle chains is made easier and safer with Motion Pro’s Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool. Versatile enough to be used on cam chains or drive chains, it can be used on many different sizes of chains, all the way from #35 to #630 chains. Each kit includes three breaking tips and guides (2mm, 3mm and 4mm) to break most chains, and press plates, anvils and a rivet tip to rivet hollow nose master links. It features an investment-cast, hardened body. Price: $94.99. More info:

8. The Grunge Brush is a 3-sided adjustable brush specifically made for cleaning motorcycle chain. Rugged and oil resistant, it works on both standard and O-ring chains. It’s available in a combo kit that includes a bottle of chain degreaser. Price: $11.99 (brush only), $15.99 (brush and cleaner). More info:

9. The simplest motorcycle tools are often the best. This set of three wire brushes will clean most anything, as each features different bristles: One has rough, steel bristles, while the next has softer, copper bristles and the last has even softer, plastic bristles. Price: $8.95. More info:

10. Who says you can’t take it with you? Old bikes with spoked rims are cool, but the downside is a flat tire while traveling requires taking the tire off the rim to patch or replace the tube. In many cases this can be done with a simple set of tire irons, but sometimes you need something more powerful. This BestRest BeadBrakR motorcycle tire repair kit incorporates a trio of tire irons with the same mechanical design and strength of a full-size bead breaker. It’s compact, lightweight and takes less than a minute to assemble using quick-release ring pins. When the bead is free, simply break the device down and use the same tire irons to remove the tire from the rim. The 3-pound kit rolls up nicely in its own durable storage pouch, small enough to fit in your hand or a sidebag. Includes steel tire irons, quick-release pins and lanyard, plywood blocks, a sand foot for changing tires on soft surfaces, rim protectors, bead goop, a valve stem multi-tool, and laminated instructions. Perfect for the serious long-distance traveler. Price: $150. More info:

  • Published on Jun 2, 2010
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