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5000 Miles at 8000 RPM

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“The title notwithstanding, 5000 Miles At 8000 RPM is about more than just the Western America Adventure Ride,” said Berk. “It tells the complete story about CSC bringing Zongshen’s iconic 250cc adventure touring motorcycle to the US. This story includes previously unrevealed details about the EPA and CARB certification processes, CSC’s dealer-free approach to market, what it’s like to work with Zongshen, and how we created the Internet buzz that led directly to the RX3’s success in America. I explain what it’s like to work with the motorcycle media from the manufacturer’s perspective. CSC is all about customer service and the adventure riding experience, and the book provides the inside story about how CSC identified and acted on key success factors in these areas.”

“I included a no-holds-barred review of the RX3’s strengths and weaknesses, working with the media, and working with Zongshen,” Berk continued. “No one from CSC or Zongshen provided editorial direction, and both companies will see the book for the first time when everyone else does. There are parts of the book they will like, and parts of it they may wish I had kept to myself. It’s all there, warts and all. It’s a great read. This is my 11th book, and I think it is my best.”

As part of its approach for promoting adventure touring, CSC recently led a 1,700-mile, five-day adventure tour through Baja with 15 of its customers, and a 5,000-mile, 18-day adventure tour through the American west with 10 riders. 5000 Miles At 8000 RPM includes detailed accounts of both trips, along with descriptions of the challenges associated with organizing and conducting large group rides.

5000 Miles At 8000 RPM also explores the reasons CSC decided to sell direct to its customers without using dealers. The book provides insights into the motorcycle business and dealer practices never before published.

The CSC RX3, manufactured to CSC specifications by Zongshen, is a 250cc adventure touring motorcycle. The RX3 features liquid cooling, fuel injection, a counter-balanced overhead cam engine, a six-speed transmission, adventure tour styling, a windshield, engine guards, a skid plate, and a full luggage complement. The CSC RX3 motorcycle has a two-year, unlimited mileage warranty. The motorcycle’s price is $3495, including all accessories listed above. Zongshen is China’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and an OEM supplier to such marques as Harley-Davidson, Piaggio, and other major motorcycle manufacturers.

5000 Miles At 8000 RPM is offered in three versions (the Deluxe Edition with color photographs at $49.95, the standard print edition at $19.95, and a Kindle edition for $9.99). The print versions are 293 pages long and include more than 70 photographs. Joe Gresh of Motorcyclist magazine, who rode with CSC on the 5000-mile Western America Adventure Ride, wrote the foreword. All versions are available through Amazon.


Joe Berk

  • Published on Sep 28, 2015
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