10 Garage Gadgets for Your Motorcycle

Gear Driven

| March/April 2010

Price and availability confirmed at time of publication. Subject to change, please visit the product website for the latest prices and availability. 

1. The Park-n-Move is ready to help you make life in your garage a little bit easier. Perfect for tight spaces, the Park-n-Move allows you to move and rotate a full-size motorcycle with ease once it’s in place under your bike’s center stand. The original version features four locking 3-inch castors and is perfect for everything from a CB160 to a Gold Wing. A new, lowered model is perfect for H-D-touring bikes with aftermarket centerstands. By using 2-inch locking castors, there’s plenty of clearance, even with a lower frame. A smooth garage floor is important, as the Park-n-Move’s steel center plate sits about a quarter-inch above the floor surface. Both models are rated at over 1,100 pounds and come fully assembled and ready to use. Visit the website for videos of the Park-n-Move in use. The Park-n-Move is finished in a durable silver-vein epoxy powder-coated finish and comes with a lifetime warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Price: $199. More info: www.legalspeeding.com

2. Tired of taking your wheels to the local bike shop every time you need to have new tires mounted? If you had a No-Mar Tire Changer, you’d be able to do it yourself! The Classic Model features a 30-inch bead breaker arm for leverage and a non-marring bead breaker wedge with replaceable tips. The wheel lies on top of polyethylene blocks while you’re breaking the bead, preventing bent rotors. The package includes the motorcycle tire changer with stand, tire lubes, the patented mount/demount bar with extra tips, and a lifetime warranty on non-marring parts. You can have your changer shipped with either a floor stand for stationary mounting or a hitch mount for mobile use. A  video instruction DVD is also included. Price: $495. More info: www.nomartirechanger.com

3. Fly Racing’s Foldable Runway Ramp from Competition Accessories is intended for motorcycles up to 750 pounds. Its folding design saves space, as it will fit between the front and rear tires of most bikes, and also behind the seat of most pickups. It features a rubberized, angle-cut base for maximum slip-resistance, and each rung has textured grooves for added traction. Made of extruded and polished 6061-T6 aluminum, the ramp is 79 inches long unfolded and just over half that folded; the bottom half is 9.5 inches wide while the top half is 7.5 inches wide, making it best suited to dirt bikes and small road bikes. A 92-inch model is also available. Price: $99.99. More info: www.competitionaccessories.com

4. One of the handiest gadgets for working on a motorcycle is a motorcycle lift. Crawling around and under a motorcycle gets old fast, and once you’ve worked on a bike on a lift, you’ll never want to work on the ground again. One of our favorite lifts is the Titan 1000D, a heavy-duty, air-powered lift table featuring a diamond-plate metal deck and a 1,000-pound lifting capacity. It comes equipped with a front extension that provides you with an extra long working table, so even the longest bike will fit. The Titan 1000D has a comfortable 35-inch maximum working height and comes outfitted with a front wheel vise, detachable ramp and rear wheel drop. The perfect addition to any shop or home garage, it features a multi-positional front extension, a standard wheel drop out, a roller wheel drop out, a 2-wheeled dolly, and is available in black and gray or black and orange. The lift weights 500 pounds. Price: $759. More info: www.titanlifts.com

5. The Two-Up Cruiser/Sport Bike Trailer from Drop-Tail Trailers is configured to transport one or two bikes or ATVs, a golf cart or simply for flatbed use. A Class II trailer, it can carry up to 2,100 pounds. The coolest part of this trailer is defined by its name, drop tail: The trailer features an integrated hydraulic drop-tail system by which the tail of the trailer can be dropped so that no ramp is needed to load a vehicle onto the trailer. The trailer features two Promax Cycle Chocks, 13-inch custom wheels with radial tires, a built-in coupler handle, and a powder-coated finish. Price: $2,650. More info: www.droptailtrailers.com

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