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Genuine Honda Motorcycle Service Manuals and More Cool Finds

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From genuine Honda motorcycle service manuals to new motorcycle tires for old bikes, here are six cool products every classic motorcycle fan needs to know about:

Genuine Honda Motorcycle Service Manuals

Honda owners rejoice: Factory service manuals are still available for every model of Honda motorcycle officially marketed in the U.S. from 1959 to the present. Manuals for newer models are preprinted while older motorcycle service manuals, like the one we got for a 1972 CB350, are print-on-demand. Print quality was excellent, with postcard quality cover stock. It also included the factory wiring schematics. The Common Service Manual,a veritable encyclopedia of Honda and general mechanical systems, is a must. $23.95 and up owner manuals, $39.95 and up service manuals.

Muc-Off Motorcycle Cleaning Products

Conceived in the U.K. and a hit in 24 countries, Muc-Off cleaning products are now available in the U.S. Muc-Off’s bike cleaning products include a biodegradable, clear-coat and carbon fiber safe spray cleaner, a post-cleaning Bike Spray that drives out moisture and leaves a protective film to inhibit corrosion, Foam Fresh for cleaning and freshening helmet liners and boots, and the comprehensive Chain Doc chain cleaning system for cleaning and lubricating drive chains.

Profi Chain Alignment Tool

Factory rear wheel alignment marks aren’t always accurate, resulting in accelerated tire and drive component wear. The Profi Laser C.A.T. (motorcycle chain alignment tool) is designed to aid alignment of chain and belt final drives. Held to the rear sprocket, it shoots a laser line down the chain for accurate alignment of the front and rear sprockets. Included special adapters enable accurate checking of belt alignment, too. Line Laser, $149.95; Dot Laser, $89.95.

QPD Primary Belt Drive Conversions

Bob “Ozzie” Oswald has been making primary belt drive conversions for British twins and electric start conversions for Triumphs since 1978. He’s currently offering primary belt drive conversions for BSA, Triumph and Norton twins, and also for H-D Sportsters. Ozzie also makes final belt drive conversions for those same bikes and for modern Hinkley Triumphs, plus electric start conversions for Norton and Triumph twins. A complete Norton primary belt drive conversion is $860.

Flash2Pass Garage Door Opener

Here’s a cool gadget for motorcyclists with automatic garage door openers; a garage door activator that’s wired into your high beam switch. The Flash2Pass uses a receiver wired to your garage door, and a small transmitter tucked inside your headlamp shell and wired to your bike’s high-beam circuit. Flash your high beams to activate the transmitter and presto, your garage door opens. Better yet, there are no batteries to replace. Cool. $79.95.

Heidenau Motorcycle Tires

In an age of smaller rims and fatter tires, finding the right replacement motorcycle tire for some classic bikes can be a challenge. A new range of options is now available thanks to Heidenau Tires of Germany, which offers a comprehensive selection of high quality motorcycle tires. There’s good coverage in the increasingly hard to find 18 and 19 inch rim sizes, with vintage tread patterns. Starting at $60.

  • Published on May 16, 2011
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