Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners and Five More Cool Finds

New stuff for old bikes

| January/February 2011

From heated motorcycle glove liners to motorcycle tire repair kits, here are six cool products every classic motorcycle fan needs to know about:

Powerlet FIR Heated Motorcycle Glove Liners
Powerlet’s new FIR (far infrared) technology motorcycle glove liners are designed to keep your hands warmer so you can ride longer in cold weather. FIR technology is already used in sleeping pads and saunas, and in treatments to aid in cell generation and physical relaxation. Rated at 14 watts each, the ultra-thin liners provide heat around the fingers and back of the hand, where it’s most needed. A temperature controller is necessary. $79.95.

Lockstraps Locking Tie-downs
Here’s an interesting idea; locking tie-downs. While they probably won’t stop a committed thief, there’s no question these locking tie-downs will thwart the average smash-and-grab crime of opportunity. A braided steel cable is sandwiched inside double nylon webbing, with combination carabiner locks riveted into both ends. A soft tie extension increases utility. Tie-downs are 8.5ft long with a working load of 400lb and max load of 1,200lb each. $39.95 each.

Clear Shot Cleaning Kit
Designed to be carried in a tank bag, hard bag or a side pocket, the Clear Shot lens cleaning kit features a simple water-tight ABS plastic case containing anti-fog cleaning spray and two microfiber cleaning cloths; blue for removing grime, white for polishing. Designed by a motorcyclist with motorcycle helmet lenses in mind, the kit is also good for cleaning sunglasses, eye glasses, goggles, cameras, binoculars and other sensitive optical lenses. $19.95.

Gryyp Motorcycle Tire Repair Kit
The Cargol Turn & Go is designed for emergency tubeless motorcycle tire repair. The kit shown is equipped to fix flats on cars and road bikes, and staffer Andy Sherman says it works; his kit got him back on the road after a rainy nighttime flat in 10 minutes. The kit contains everything you need to fix a tubeless flat, including Cargol tire plugs, pliers and CO2 cartridges for airing up. $48.

Gripswell Motorcycle Gloves
Getting a grip on comfort is a goal for all of us when riding, as hands can take some serious punishment, especially left uncovered. Gripswell motorcycle gloves are ergonomically designed to isolate the median nerve. Using memory foam, these gloves cushion and mold to the palm to make tingling in the hand a thing of the past. After using these for more than 5,000 miles we say they do what they claim. $54.95.

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