High-Visibility Gear: See and Be Seen

Our editors review several pieces of high-visibility riding gear and lighting upgrades for your bike.

| May/June 2017

There’s a lot to be said for being seen, especially on a motorcycle. And while there are many tips and tricks to making the traffic around you notice your presence (lane positioning, riding a brightly colored motorcycle, etc.), high-visibility gear is a great way to start. Here are nine pieces of gear to help others see you, and one to help you see the road ahead.

1. Originally designed to be worn by military personnel, this Military Spec Vest is an affordable way to increase your visibility without having to replace your favorite jacket. Made of a Free Air poly/mesh shell, the vest has a back pocket for optional spine armor, large reflective stripes on the front and shoulders, and multi-point adjustability to make sure it fits comfortably. Available in yellow or orange (shown). Also available in women’s sizes. Price: $54.99.

2. Many jackets use reflective patches to aid in nighttime visibility, but Joe Rocket’s new Atomic Ion Jacket aims to be as visible as possible night and day. Available in black/black and black/hi-viz (shown), the jacket features large hi-viz yellow/green panels front and rear, plus a super reflective Innolite weave at the shoulders and elbows combined with reflective piping for nighttime conspicuousness. The Atomic Ion is built using a waterproof outer shell with reinforced panels in all key impact areas. It also features C.E. certified armor at the shoulders and elbows along with a removable spine pad. The jacket has four large intake vents combined with two large exhaust vents to flow cooling air when it is warm, and a removable, full-sleeve insulated liner for when it’s cold. Price: $219.99.

3. If you’ve been considering a new riding suit, here’s your chance to make a big impact on how visible you are to other drivers sharing the road with you. Aside from the bodywork on your bike, the biggest swath of color, if you so choose is, well, you. Wear all black and be hip if you like, but if you want to be seen, a better option is something bright. Aerostich offers their beloved Roadcrafter 3 one-piece riding suit in a variety of colors, including oxblood and orange, but hi-viz lime yellow (shown) is the way to go for maximum attention. Made of mil-spec 500-denier Cordura Gore-Tex fabric with double layers of fabric in vital areas, it features removable TF impact armor at the elbows, shoulders and knees, with more armor options available. Also available in women’s sizes. Price: starting at $1,197.

4. If it’s time to replace your helmet, consider something more visible than the ever-so-popular black lid. White is good, but for even more pop there are now some hi-viz helmets on the market, including the Schuberth C3 Pro, available in the Echo Yellow shown here. The C3 Pro is the latest modular helmet from Schuberth, and the company claims it is the “world’s lightest, quietest and most aerodynamic flip-up with integrated sun visor.” The C3 Pro utilizes a one-touch, cable-driven release mechanism, a removable/washable anti-bacterial liner, and tool-less face shield removal. Price: $729.

5. Here’s an easy way to upgrade the visibility of the helmet you already own: put some stickers on it, specifically these large reflective arrow-shaped directional markers. Designed to indicate your direction as you turn your head to check for a clear lane, they also help make you visible to traffic behind you by putting a reflective surface up high where other drivers will see it. Available in orange or hi-viz. Price: $24. More info: aerostich.com.

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