Top Motorcycle Safety Gear Every Rider Should Have

Motorcycle safety gear shouldn't stop with the helmet. Here are reasons to wear boots, gloves and other riding gear.

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Most bikers are keen to wear helmets whenever they ride, but a helmet is only the first of several protective accessories that you will really need.

Among the top motorcycle safety gear every rider should have is a pair of good riding boots and gloves, as well as jackets and pants.

Boots safeguard your feet against crippling injuries while gloves keep you comfortable in cold or rainy weather and protect your hands in case of a fall. And both let you operate your motorcycle controls with more dexterity.

I want to enjoy my rides in safety and comfort as much as the next biker, but finding gear that works and fits can be a chore, which is why I have prepared this guide on essential safety wear. I also explain why you must get your tires right, as a suitable set is very critical to your riding safety.


Always wear one. Riders who neglect to wear a helmet tend to be involved in more fatal accidents or prone to more concussive injuries. Even on the shortest runs, remember to wear yours.

Wind noise will be much reduced and you will end up less tired after long journeys. Avoid buying a half-helmet as these provide much less protection than modular or full-face models. Also, a helmet that is loosely secured can be almost as useless as not having one on during a fall, so ensure yours is properly strapped before you go.

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