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Motorcycle Seat Cushion and Five More Cool Finds

From a motorcycle seat custion to a new vintage motorcycle tire, here are six cool products every classic motorcycle fan needs to know about:

Airhawk 2 Motorcycle Seat Cushion

Tired rumps will no doubt appreciate this new inflatable motorcycle seat cushion. While gel pads are great for added comfort, they often have or develop pressure points. The Airhawk 2 uses 14 interconnected air cells molded in a very light, stretch-resistant polyurethane bladder to distribute a rider’s weight over the entire cushion. Sewn-in Velcro straps make installation easy, and a twist-lock air valve makes filling and adjusting pressure a snap. $99.95. More info:

Daytona Gear Magnetic Mini Motorcycle Tank Bag

Only 14 inches long and 7 inches wide, Daytona Gear’s lamb’s skin leather mini motorcycle tank bag is impressively functional. Separate pockets for a cell phone, toll change and personal documents hold everything you need for urban cruising and commuting, and the main pocket’s big enough for a book or similar sized objects. Magnets are super strong, and integrated belt loops mean you can wear it as a fanny pack off the bike. $45. More info:

Port-A-Chopper Stowaway Motorcycle Trailer

This is pretty cool; a collapsible motorcycle trailer that easily fits in the back of an SUV or truck when it’s empty but goes together in minutes to haul up to 1,200 pounds of motorcycle when you need it. No single piece weighs more than 40 pounds, making it pretty easy to work with. And since you can knock it down, it stores in a fraction of the space of a normal trailer. $1,460 and up. More info:

Coker E70K Vintage Motorcycle Tire

Classic bike fans are acutely aware of the limited choice in 19-inch tires, for decades the most popular size front tire for street bikes, found on everything from Harleys to Hondas. Coker’s new 350-19 bias-ply E70K vintage motorcycle tire features four-ply nylon cord construction and carries an “S” speed rating (112mph). The tread pattern mimics designs from the 1960s and 70s, making it an appropriate tire for just about any bike from that era. $108. More info:

Drop-Tail Cycle Glyder Pro Motorcycle Dolly

Drop-Tail, best known for its innovative foldable trailers that allow easy ride-on/ride-off for one person loading/unloading, has introduced the Cycle Glyder Pro motorcycle dolly with wheel chock to make moving bikes around a confined area a snap. The integrated ProMax chock holds the front wheel securely, and 10 caster wheels let you swivel the bike easily once it’s on the dolly. Integrated brakes keep it from moving in storage, and Drop-Tail’s own tie down straps are included. $279. More info:

Busted Knuckle Magnetic Finger Glove

This may look silly, but it’s a pretty neat little item to have in your toolbox. Nothing more than a magnet in a neoprene/latex finger glove, it doesn’t get any more low-tech than this, but you’ll love it the first time you use one to fish out that tiny C-clip you dropped down in the inner confines of your motorcycle. The magnet’s powerful enough to pick up nuts, washers and small bolts. $10.95. More info:

  • Published on Oct 28, 2010
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