Non-DOT Approved Motorcycle Helmets

Parting Shots

| January/February 2009

Yes, this is a real photo. Taken by associate editor Landon Hall in a vendor’s booth at Blues, Bikes and BBQ in Fayetteville, Ark., in 2008, it clearly shows non-DOT approved motorcycle helmets for sale. And, for only $2 more, you can also add an “official” DOT sticker to save you from being bothered by the local police.

Nothing says safety like a German military-style helmet, after all, especially one that’s finished in chrome and spikes. And with the addition of a sticker, it’s bound to save your noggin, right?

Jake Marquez_1
8/23/2010 8:34:09 PM

I was at a car show, parked my bike on the corner left my helmet on the shifter.I saw the portly cop sitting on his bike as my partner and me were checking out the old rides.About an hour had gone by when we were leaving to get some lunch.I noticed the cop was still sitting on his bike,not really thinking much we took off.I got the red light as soon as I took off,right then portly told me the helmet was not legal then started to lecture me on why it was not.Then a concerned citizen came up and started taking pics for him of my helmet.I was upset but stayed calm because I did not know what portly could do legally.He informed what would happen if caught again and also said my license plate could not be sideways he then thanked me for my cooperation.My thought is if it so illegal why was I allowed to ride away. I believe calif, only concern is money and portly had nothing better to do that day,because after me he saw another biker ride in and went after him.

One Eyed Bob
8/4/2009 1:41:36 PM

In relation to non DOT approved helmets and their use, I say "Live and let live... or die." If you take yourself out by not wearing a real helmet or none at all, that is your right. If you ride safely and choose to go hatless, hey live long and prosper. However, if you prefer the Nazi look helmet, work really hard on maintaining your bad attitude and your knuckles drag the ground as you walk, do us all a favor... go ahead and eliminate yourself from the gene pool. I say you should be able to ride really, really fast at night in a thunderstorm in downtown Boston, Chicago or LA wearing cutoffs, flip flops, a wife beater and a backward baseball hat. Laws made to keep really stupid people from killing themselves are counter to evolution and natural selection's process. In my humble opinion all morons should be free to kill themselves, hopefully prior to breeding. That said, not wearing a DOT approved lid or any helmet at all doesn't make someone a moron, it's just someone who's exercising their freedom of choice. How about we all quit forcing our opinions, values and especially our morals on others. Live and let live... or die!

7/20/2009 12:55:37 PM

with such helmets you may enjoy Helloween every day! unfortunately not everyone has a good sense of humour, for some people it may seem quite annoying, if not offensive. what's the worst-it seems to be popular! used to see lots of such pictures at, really awful. i wish all these dare-devils, wearing such helmets, didn't forget about safety in the first place. otherwise it will be not at all funny

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