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Summit Racing Equipment Expands Product Lineup with Phoenix Systems’ BrakeShot

Summit Racing Equipment has chosen to add BrakeShot, from Phoenix Systems, to its product lineup. BrakeShot fights corrosion and the effects of copper in the brake system. By adding BrakeShot to its product lineup, Summit Racing provides customers with a way to protect the brake system on their high performance and specialty vehicles.

BrakeShot is designed with a formulation that retards copper corrosion in the brake system. This helps stop common brake system problems like sticking calipers or ailing master cylinders, and can extend the life of the braking system.

“BrakeShot is a crucial product for high performance vehicles,” said Ben Leamon Martinsen VP Marketing and Operations at Phoenix Systems. “Performance vehicles need to be able to stop quickly, and BrakeShot helps protect the brake system from corrosion for better performance.”

BrakeShot comes with BrakeStrip, another Phoenix Systems product, which is used to test the brake fluid to determine if BrakeShot is needed. This helps vehicle owners use it effectively. When BrakeStrip indicates copper levels between 50-175 ppm, vehicle owners add one bottle of BrakeShot into the master cylinder to fight the copper corrosion.

“We are always looking for new products that will improve the experience for our customers,” said a Summit Racing Equipment spokesperson. “When we came across BrakeShot, we felt it was an ideal option for our customers. It’s fast, affordable and effective, making it the perfect braking system enhancer for racing professionals.” Summit Racing Equipment customers can purchase BrakeShot online at the Summit Racing website.

  • Published on Jun 3, 2015
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