Ten Essential Motorcycle Tools

Ten essential motorcycle tools you should never be without, from tire irons to a magnetic parts dish

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Here are 10 essential motorcycle tools no rider should be without:

1. Cruz Tools’ Outback’r provides 14 tools in one tight package. The unit weighs 9oz and is 3.5in long, meaning it won’t exactly need its own bungee cord. While any tool is in use, the rest can remain folded in the handle. Just don’t forget it’s in your pocket when you go to the airport. Price: $19.95. More info: www.cruztools.com 

2. The 10-inch Ultimate tire iron from Zip-Ty Racing Products features an ergonomic handle designed to increase comfort and take the chore out of tire-changing. Price: $14.95. More info:

3. S•K Hand Tool Corp.’s seven-piece open-ended wrench set features SuperKrome corrosion-resistant finish and 15-degree rotated heads for improved access. Price: $104.93. More info: www.sktools.com 

4. Where’s that &%$#@ cotter pin? Get a Motion Pro Magnetic Parts Dish, and you’ll never have to sift through the shoulder gravel for a fastener or small part again. The dish clings magnetically to any steel surface and is small enough  (5in diameter, 1in deep) to take on the road. Price: $9.99 and up. More info: www.motionpro.com 

5. Progressive Suspension’s TRK-4 tire repair kit includes a nozzle/adaptor for threaded or unthreaded cartridges, three 12-gram cartridges, glue and plugs for tubeless tires and patching material for tube-type tires. Price: $49.95. More info: www.progressivesuspension.com 

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