Motorcycle Wheel and Brake Repair

Rear Brake Master Cylinder Found

A reader who was looking for a rear brake master cylinder in the last issue found an unexpected replacement.

Dubya Vintage and Custom Wheel Services

Dubya USA has announced the expansion of its vintage wheel building/restoring and custom spoke manufacturing services.

Change a Motorcycle Tire

In this installment of MC How-To, we cover the steps of changing a motorcycle tire on a 1974 Yamaha DT125 Enduro.

DOT 5 Brake Fluid

Motorcycle Classics’ tech expert Keith Fellenstein gives his thoughts on switching to DOT 5 brake fluid in a cleaned and rebuilt brake system.

Rebuild the Master Cylinder on a Triumph Twin

A step-by-step guide on how to rebuild the master cylinder on a Triumph twin.

Tubeless Tires on Spoked Rims: Suzuki GS450

Motorcycle Classics’ tech expert Keith Fellenstein weighs in on using tubeless tires on spoked rims.

Front Brake Issue: Norton Commando MkIII

Motorcycle Classics’ tech expert Keith Fellenstein helps solve a front brake issue on a 1975 Norton Commando MkIII.

Real Life Wrenching: Lacing Spokes and Truing a Wheel

Jennifer tackles the sometimes-frutrating process of lacing spokes and truing wheels for her Triumph Bonneville restoration. This blog was originally posted as "Real Life Wrenching: How to be a spokes person" on

Sidewalk Motorcycle Tire Repair

"My oldest daughter and I walk down the street to Bonnie, my trusty T100 Triumph Bonneville. Life is good. But something isn’t right. The bike is standing a bit more vertical than usual. It is almost to the point of tipping off of the sidestand. What’s this? A flat rear tire! Looks like it's time for a little motorcycle tire repair." Follow Bo Miller as he takes us step-by-step through a sidewalk motorcycle tire repair on a T100 Triumph Bonneville.

Buchanan’s Spoke and Rim, Inc.

Ask any classic motorcycle restorer who built their wheels, and chances are they’ll mention Buchanan’s Spoke & Rim.