Dreams on the Trail

Old bikes on a long, tough journey.

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by Pat Jones
Dwayne gives the thumbs up in Scotland, Ark.

Most vintage motorcycle enthusiasts wouldn’t dream of riding a mid-1960s Honda Dream some 2,933 miles across the United States on the rough and tough TransAmerica Trail. But a group of intrepid riders from Mississippi did just that, and it was an adventure that won’t ever be forgotten.

Before we get to the characters inhabiting this story, let’s learn a little about the TransAmerica Trail, or TAT. According to transamtrail.com, Sam Correro also had a dream. “In 1984, Sam followed his passion for adventure and set out with a goal to chart an epic off-pavement cross-country trail,” the site explains. Sam researched maps and rode the miles, eventually creating what would become the TransAmerica Trail. This is essentially a route that “… uses public roads and back country roads, both non-pavement and pavement. It does not cross any private land or locked gates.”
Miles upon miles of the TAT are challenging, and include river crossings, sand, mud, gravel, rocks and snow. The recommended machine for such riding, Sam says in the FAQ section of his website, is a dual-sport motorcycle.

But that didn’t deter Dwayne McLemore and his friends, brothers Pat and Kenny Jones, from attempting the TAT on their vintage Honda Dreams. These motorcycles, with their pressed steel frames and full fenders, appear to be the least likely candidates for adventure. So, why do it on a Dream in the first place?

  • Updated on Jun 8, 2022
  • Originally Published on May 24, 2022
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