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The Harvest Classic 2010 European & Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Luckenbach, Texas

Reader Contribution by Staff

A couple hours down the road from Austin, Texas is Luckenbach. It’s not even a real place, not exactly. There’s a little road that loops off the main road and goes past a few old buildings. It is the sort of place that has more past then future and that’s mostly what it’s got to sell. But once a year a perfect storm decends on Luckenbach and 3,000-plus motorcyclists pull onto that little loop road for an event known as the The Harvest Classic European & Vintage Motorcycle Rally. The result is just about the perfect laid-back, pure fun Euro-themed weekend. I loved it and I think you will as well. Our first bike (above) is a lovely 1949 AJS 18S that was on display Saturday as a part of the bike show.

This Cezeta scooter with a matching trailer was a crowd favorite.

An exceptionally rare bike, this Miller Balsamo was made in Milano, Italy by the importers of Ariel and Excelsior.

There’s plenty of room to bring your tent and camp during the show. The giant oak trees make for a great camping spot.

Believe it or not, this longhorn is a “rider.” The guy that owns him rides him right thru the crowd, with the steer dipping and turning his head to keep the horns clear of people. These are just a few highlights of the show. For more photos, visit here.– Vicki Smith

  • Published on Oct 26, 2010
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