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 Hollister, CA 1947 
The infamous staged photo of a supposedly
drunken member of the Boozefighter Motorcycle
Club at the Hollister, Calif., rally, 1947

This is probably the quickest way to make myself unpopular with the motorcycling fraternity – but please, persevere and read on. Even if you have never had a beer, someone you know may become a statistic in this category in the very near future. 


I am not a safety expert of any sort – but I do try to be a conscientious and safety-aware rider.  My involvement as an instructor with the Canada Safety Council Gearing-Up program (equivalent to the MSC Basic Rider Course) has had the added benefit of keeping me on my best behaviour and reinforcing safe motorcycling habits.  I do believe that responsible and defensive riding attitudes and skills can reduce the likelihood of motorcycle-involved crashes.   But collectively we, the motorcycling culture, are sabotaging our own safety and shooting ourselves far too often.   All of our safety training, skills practice and defensive riding strategies go out the window if we take so much as one drink! 


And drink we do – and ride.   

3/21/2009 3:16:39 AM

I agree with Zeugitai. Age and experience might have an effect later in life, but I recall when I had my first bike - a Royal Enfield Crusader Sports (at 18) had a couple of beers and failed to take a corner I would have taken safely, if I had not had those couple of beers (I was was not pissed, but my judgement was impaired for riding a two-wheeled vehicle). Luckily I was not killed, but preaching will never stop some other 16-17-18 year old from doing much the same as I did and maybe learning from experience ... I never again mixed drink and bike-riding. But, as Zeugitai says, "this is the way it is".

3/19/2009 7:18:55 PM

Rational arguments don't work on irrational people. Emotions overpower rational thought with ease. There isn't one drinker who is unaware of everything that was said in this article; but what effect will this information have on a Friday night after a full week of working like a dog for subsistence wages? Pent up emotions rule the day, every day. I am in no way trying to say that this is the way it should be; only that this is the way it is.

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