Long distance touring

| 3/3/2009 10:46:40 AM


Alison's trusty BMW R80G/S on tour. 


I’ve been asked repeatedly just how I prepare and what I pack for long rides, but the making of lists and planning of routes and checking of the bike is only part of the picture. I have attempted to put into words just how I approach the preparations and the ride – not just what gets packed or checked or worn, but the total mindset that needs to be adopted for maximum enjoyment of motorcycle travel. Hopefully, there is something in this collection of ideas that will make your next trip smoother and more rewarding. 

So you want to cross the continent on your bike… DO IT! But plan ahead and prepare! Embrace the freedom to ride all day, anywhere, and then cruise off into the sunset… but remember, sometimes there are detours! 

This is not a how-to list for the long distance rider, but rather a philosophy for travelling smoothly that opens up a whole new world of enjoyment.  Whether you ride alone, two-up, or in a small group of like-minded enthusiasts, you can boost the pleasure factor by adopting these few simple routines.