Sidecars and Dogs

| 11/24/2008 3:06:16 PM



Cassie, Alison and the R100RT with sidecar.

I like sidecars. 

They are unwieldy, awkward, off-centre, totally unique, and loads of fun!  

For years I had harboured a half-formed and totally un-researched notion that involved a sidecar rig, a long trip and my German shepherd dog.  This idea gradually took on a life of its own, not-with-standing the minor problems of not owning a sidecar rig and never having driven one! 

Fast forward a couple of years to a lovely R100S BMW that I had acquired and ridden many miles in considerable discomfort. I had lusted after this model for some years based entirely on the looks of the bike. Sadly when I finally owned and rode one, I discovered much to my horror that my arms and wrists did not approve of the riding position at all! Then a timely add appeared on the IBMWR website listing a 1982 R100RT/sidecar rig for trade for “something interesting” about the time that I was considering what to do with the R100S. As the saying goes “the rest is history”.