30th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show

| 3/11/2010 5:21:46 PM

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Benelli 750 Sei
Lovely circa-1976 Benelli 750 Sei at the Bristol Classic. Check out the broken crankshaft on the floor! No word on what happened there. 

The weekend of the 20th/21st of February 2010 saw the British Classic bike show season start @ the Bath and West Showground in Shepton Mallet,  Somerset, England, with the 30th Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show. 

The weekend again saw unseasonably good weather with the sun shining after a frosty start to the day. My Brother Barry, Adam and myself left Berkshire at 8am for the 100 mile drive to this wonderful event.

Once we arrived and had a brief bite to eat we did a lap of the show to get our bearings, there were four halls and a Marquee of motorcycles and motorcycle accessories/parts stalls along with an outdoor market place with stalls selling motorcycle parts new and used, clothing, memorabilia and tools; all a classic bike fan could want.

Although this show historically leans more towards older British motorcycles, the last few years has seen many more Japanese and European motorcycles from the 70s on show. This is particularly pleasing for me who at 46 years old loved that era.

Honda GL1000
Very nice first year 1975 Honda GL1000

Martin Taylor_1
3/18/2010 3:35:33 PM

I went to this show and there was a superb range of well restored classics from many countries. The best restored one there was a Greeves Essex twin from the 1960's which had been fitted with a triumph 350 twin engine and gearbox. The detail was amazing. The owner was a retired engineer who had done the work himself.He made up the engine mounting brackets by using cardboard templates to start with, then wooden ones to see if it would work, and when it all lined up properly, made stainless steel ones. Front brakes were amended to a DIY twin leading shoe arrangement fitted within the original hub.

3/18/2010 12:48:23 PM

This is a great site for old vintage motorcycles!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!