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Low Canadian Dollar Means Savings for U.S. Customers

Press Release

American buyers can take advantage of the weak Canadian dollar through Walridge Motors.

Butler Motorcycle Maps Releases Oregon Map

Press Release

New Oregon map by Butler Motorcycle Maps showcases more than 5,300 miles of the best motorcycle roads in the Pacific Northwest.

Summer Motorcycle Season Brings Higher Accident Claims

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

Infographic highlighting the summer motorcycle season accident and claims patterns released.

The Emerald Coast, Florida

By Joe Berk

The Emerald Coast is a great riding destination year-round with fantastic seafood and scenery.


Geoff Duke: First Gentleman of Racing

By Alan Cathcart

Remembering world champion Geoff Duke, who passed away at the age of 92.


By Richard Backus

We're planning a special vintage motorcycle project in response to your reader survey input.

Motorcycles in Cuba

By Josh Withers

Cigars and old American cars — but what about motorcycles?

What a BEAUTIFUL Norton!

By Margie Siegal

In which one old Norton and one female person do 900 miles together.