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On Three Wheels: Learning to Ride a Sidecar Rig

By Margie Siegal

A sidecar rig can be useful and fun, but taking a course can be invaluable and far less expensive than a new ride.

Punctuation Marks: Making the Most out of Mishaps

By Richard Backus

Editor Backus explains why road trips devoid of unexpected deviations are almost forgettable.

Looking into the Hourglass: Keith Campbell's Motorcycle Collection

By Rob Brooks

Vintage motorcycle racing legend Keith Campbell gives us a tour of his "barn" filled with timeless bikes.

The Road Goes on Forever: Exploring the Texas Hill Country

By Richard Backus

Riding a 1975 Norton Commando 850 and a 1948 Vincent Rapide through the Texas Hill Country with friends.


Rides & Destinations: The Tillamook Air Museum

By Joe Berk

Take in the Tillamook Air Museum by way of the Oregon Coast Highway for a full day of exhibits and riding.

Cuba Motorcycle Tour

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

With travel restrictions loosening, Mototouring has organized a Cuba motorcycle tour in December 2016.

The Accidental Buyer of a 1973 BMW R75/5

By Richard Backus

Editor Backus wasn't looking for another BMW R75/5, but somehow it seemed to find him.

Rides & Destinations: Manzanar National Historic Site

By Joe Berk

The area makes for great motorcycle riding, but it also serves as a reminder of what misguided politicians can do.