Found on eBay: Honda CB1100F

| 9/15/2010 11:03:55 AM

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Standard-style bikes from the 1980s are slowly becoming more appreciated by collectors and riders alike. One such standard that we’ve always been fond of is the Honda CB1100F.

A one-year-only model, the CB1100F came in Pearl Shell White, coordinated with Candy Pearl Maui Red or Candy Pearl Capiolani Blue. In stock form the bike wore a black four-into-two exhaust, but this particular bike has been upgraded with a Vance and Hines street megaphone. According to the auction, it also wears pod air filters, and new factory jet kit and a new gold O-ring chain. It’s said to have just 16,500 original miles on it, and appears to be in quite nice condition.

To visit the auction for this 1983 Honda CB1100F, go here. 



9/17/2010 7:57:50 AM

To the editor or who ever this should be directed, I have just purchased a "museum quality" 1982 Kawasaki KZ1100A with the "FULL" Vetter touring factory installed hard baggage/ and frame mounted fairing, the saddlebags, which are fiberglass, remove to become suitcases with a twist of the ignition key, and the rear cargo box, with a passenger backrest built in is also included! It came with an aftermarket sidecar, which I removed. One: I would really like to see an article about the entire "KZ Lineup" from the KZ900 through the KZ1300, as I believe that this to be the first true Japanese "Superbike" My KZ1100 is shaft driven, air suspended, and 108 HP/140MPH! I would (as well as I'm sure a LOT of other owners of the late 70's through early 80's KZ owners would be overjoyed to read it! If you would like to see pictures, I can, through my email, give you my photobucket link as it would also make a great picture subject for suck an article, having only 29,000 miles on her, and as stated, being "almost" class one condition, or at least a very nice class 2! Thank you, Glenn Merideth!

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