Found on eBay: Steve McQueen's 1951 BSA C11

| 11/11/2008 12:50:44 PM

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It's not every day you come across a bike on eBay that was owned by Steve McQueen. McQueen had a lot of bikes throughout the years, and while they come up for sale now and then, they often command high prices and are sold through auction houses. And while this one may bring good money, the fact that it's being sold through an online auction can make things easier for buyers in some respects.

The bike is a 1951 BSA C11. It has a 250cc engine, and according to the listing, it has been "completely and authentically restored, and has traveled just 246 miles since... It was owned by the famous Hollywood star and motorcycle enthusiast Steve McQueen at the time of his death. His widow Barbara kept the bike for many years thereafter before selling it. We have a copy of the signed Idaho title in Barbara McQueen's name from their home in Ketchum, ID."

The bike is being sold by Monte Shelton Jaguar, a Jaguar automobile dealership, in Portland, Ore.

To visit the auction, go here.