Found on eBay: 1982 Triumph Bonneville T140ES “Royal Wedding”

| 3/18/2009 9:56:26 AM

triumph royal wedding 

Perusing bikes for sale on eBay is always an interesting experience. What we end up looking at clearly depends on our mood at the time. Some days, we find ourselves stuck on Ducatis, looking for an elusive Mike Hailwood Replica or maybe a cool little Ducati single we could turn into a neat little retro-rat bike. On others, we’re drawn to the Orient, thinking about how cool it’d be to have an early Yamaha 2-stroker. 

Today it was Triumph, and the bike that caught our attention was this very rare and somewhat odd 1982 Bonneville “Royal Wedding.” Only the British would market a limited edition bike like this, of which only 250 were made. Half of those came to the U.S., and who knows how many of those have survived in original condition as many of them were converted to standard trim.

And in fact, this bike isn’t in standard trim, having been heavily modified by its owner with a Manx-style gas tank, a custom seat and tail fairing and drilled front brake rotors. The engine’s likewise been lightly customized, but the owners has most of the original parts and hardware to take the bike back to stock.

A daily rider, it could make a nice cross-country machine for anyone interested in the very last of the Triumph to come out of the old plant in Meriden, England. To see the auction for the 1982 Triumph Bonneville Royal Wedding, go here. To learn more about the bike’s modifications, go here. 

3/19/2009 7:41:22 PM

Having toured the states on a Bonneville (and having loved it!), I chomp at my bit for this beauty. If anyone is wondering whether or not to take the plunge, let me assure you that riding a Triumph is a rewarding experience. I had no mechanical problems and loved the virile engine and the perfect balance and maneuverability. A great find, here, I would say.