Going for the Ton in Texas

Reader Contribution by Mark Scott
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Disclaimer (verbatim from my wife):That’s foolish! You are going to kill yourself! You are behaving like a little boy!


Back in the summer of 2010, I decided to see if I could make my 1927 Scott Flying Squirrel more of a regular rider instead of just a special occasion bike. These 500cc 2-stroke, water-cooled engines run smoothly and make wonderful noise, but made less than 20 horsepower in original condition. Getting additional power requires the use of very high quality internal engine components built to exacting tolerances.

Enter Scott engine guru Roger Moss of Moss Engineering in the U.K. After much detailed discussion with Roger, he agreed to build me a strong, high performance engine that would be capable of cruising at the highway speeds we see here in Texas, where I live.

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