Larry Cameron's 1972 Honda SL350

| 12/1/2011 3:08:02 PM

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 1972 Honda SL350 

Rider: Larry Cameron, Alburgh, Vt.
Age: 54
Occupation: Custom woodworker
Rides: 1972 Honda SL350, 1975 Honda CB360, 1974 Honda CB200, 1978 Yamaha XS650 Special, 1979 Honda CB750F, 1984 Honda XL200R, 2000 H-D Sportster 1200S

Larry’s story: Larry scored this 1972 Honda SL350 from a friend he’d been bugging for years, trying to buy it. The friend finally caved and gave the bike to Larry, who tells us: “As far as the rebuild, it was pretty much a basket case. The wheels were in dirt about eight inches, so I took them apart to powder coat the rims and relace the spokes. I took everything off that would come off and painted, cleaned or polished everything that needed it. I was able to salvage most parts. Powder coating is wonderful stuff when working on old bikes. I had to replace the tires and a few other parts. A buddy with a welder helped me fab the 2-into-1 exhaust using the original header pipes. I do all my own painting and powder coating. The engine ran great, I just tuned it up and cleaned the carbs, which also needed floats.”

Honda SL350 Before 


Dennis Bickers
10/10/2012 10:48:43 PM

Hi Larry, I'm 59 and the original owner of a Honda 350sl K2 - just like that. They are actually started sales in 1972 1/2... The K2's came out with the 18" front tire. Yours has a couple of strange things about it. I thought they only had 2 colors, a blue and I have a candy apple yellow. The side cover on yours looks like its off a K1, They came out with the aluminum finders with the K2's. Mine stopped for no reason some years ago and I just started to refurbish it. I stripped it like you and have repainted the frame and got a friend that knows those engines very well. What happened to mine was the rocker arm adjustment got too tight and things went south and broke a rocker arm - locking it up. My friend said that Honda recommends about a 2000th clearance and he said to double it. It performs better and last forever. I found all the parts that I needed including new cam chain. about $400 in parts. I'll slowly cherry it out. I bought it new - out the door for $1040. Dennis

Larry Cameron
9/27/2012 7:47:16 PM

Hi Josh, I'm not really interested In buying another SL but thanks for the offer. Larry

9/26/2012 12:14:57 AM

hi josh would like to know about your bike thanks dale