Cut That Out!

| 8/15/2014 6:12:00 PM

Mike Peterson's 1976 Moto Guzzi

A couple years ago, I rolled a 1970 Honda CB750 into my shop for a makeover through a typical grueling Wisconsin winter. Imagine how surprised I was when, in the following months, articles about CB750s started showing up in your magazine. A year ago last October I wheeled in a 1981 Yamaha XS850 3-cylinder, and lo and behold, Motorcycle Classics published two issues through the winter with what? Three cylinder bikes! Last October I, under the cover of darkness, sneaked a 1976 Moto Guzzi 850T3 into the shop. Covered the windows. Locked the door. Told no one, but what was in your last couple mags? Moto Guzzis. Go figure. Next winter I’m doing a 1978 AMF Roadmaster Moped, if you folks start showing these through the winter, well…

Mike Peterson's RoadMaster Moped

Thank you for your top-rate magazine. It inspires all us two-wheelers, offers real help, hands-on info and keeps us connected. MC

(Top) Photo by "Blue" Mike Peterson: “Blue” Mike Peterson’s last project was a 1976 Moto Guzzi 850T3.

(Bottom) Photo by "Blue" Mike Peterson: Looks like a moped is in Mike’s future, but not in ours.

9/5/2014 5:02:19 PM

Good to read the history of a Hero to whom we owe so much. But an AMF Roadmaster moped...That's just below the line!

9/4/2014 5:28:59 PM

Most of you dont know this man and what he has been through? He is a Brother Mason at Chetek Lodge 277 Chetek WI, but thats nothing compared to what he has indured in the service having participated many years ago in a special operation to free 100 plus US hostiges in IRAN, yes remember Pres Carter and the day he left the White House? The whole recovery was a flop you'll have to ask Blue about this, well on return to the US his plane he was on crashed on landing killing all on board except Blue and one other. I can tell you what and how he goes through life from the after effects of this. His head was bounced around like a basket ball. He travels to Mpls Vets Hosp every month for help. Last Feb I had the oppurtunity to drive him there, get a nickel tour of this huge facility, while he met with docs, then Off we went to Twin Cities Shriners Hospital to give him a nickel tour, then he dropped me at a hotel yes my car, so I could have back surgeries # 11 & 12 through back and then through stomach the next morning. He then drove my car back to Chetek WI. Wish you members could have heard out conversations that day. What he has endured and still he can take a pile of junk and make a machine ready to drive again. All I can say Im damm proud to be a Mason with Blue Mike Peterson. Garver Brown Chetek WI