Lane Pipkin's Suzuki GT750 LeMans

| 7/12/2011 10:22:04 AM

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suzuki gt750 lemans 
Lane Pipkin on his Suzuki GT750 LeMans. 

Bike: Suzuki GT750 LeMans
Owner: Lane Pipkin
Hometown: Goose Creek, SC
Occupation: Customer Service Engineer (X-ray instruments)
Bio: A motorcycle enthusiast for nearly 40 years, Lane is a fan of old motorcycles and has owned a variety of Japanese hardware. But two-strokes, particularly triples, are his favorite. 

Etc.: “I owned a Kawasaki H2 for a couple of years and loved it, but I wanted something a little more reliable. One of my friends owned a ‘72 Suzuki GT750 when they were new, and I remembered it's reliability, so I started looking for one to replace the Kawasaki.”

Lane has owned the stock GT for about four years. It was a two-owner bike his wife found on the Internet that had been parked for about 11 years. “It was rusty, but had never been apart, and it just needed a really good cleaning to get it running again. I’ve put 15 thousand miles on it since then.”

suzuki gt750 lemans 2 

The Suzuki café racer was originally bought as a parts bike about three years ago. “I rebuilt it from the ground up, including the GS wheel conversion with a rear disk brake. The front brake calipers are from a Kawasaki EX500, the master cylinder is from a Honda CBX600, and the taillight is from a Honda VT500 Ascot.”

7/14/2011 10:56:16 AM

I have a 72 GT 750 in the garage that needs work but it is a favorite and I agree with everything Lane says about them. It had and has character, design, power, speed; and like Lane said, they handle fine --way better than their inaccurate reputation gives credit for. Now if I can just find good intake manifolds . . . .