Knock On Wood

| 8/13/2012 2:04:30 PM

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Patrick Parziale's 1982 Honda CB900C 

Knock on wood…

One should always preface a story about a vintage motorcycle with this expression. For all the praise I plan to bestow, I want to protect myself from the superstitious jinx that could afflict my old Honda, which I refer to as Ole' Blue. And believe me, I've heard my share of horror stories where the guy brags endlessly about his dream "this" or "that" only to be left by a guardrail cursing the Lucas design or kicking an innocent stator cover. Fortunately, throughout this riding season I have racked up several thousands of reliable miles in a relatively short time, confirming my faith in the brand which revolutionized the motorcycle world in '69. My ride, a 1982 Honda CB900C, clocks something in excess of 32,000 miles. It's no mistake my CB is a close cousin to the original CB 750, which was recently named the motorcycle of the century. So with history rotating at 5,000 times a minute and pumping a 4 note tune, I hope I am able to entertain the imagination and inspire the likeminded, while striking a common chord amongst moto-enthusiasts.

Patrick Parziale's 1982 Honda CB900C 

 "What do you wanna do?"

"I dunno."

Wes Colley
8/16/2012 2:33:41 PM

Great article, kudos on that great old bike the Honda. I sold my Suzuki GS850 G in 1992 after my divorce, that was the second worst thing I ever did. I have been searching(in vain) for another. I had it for 11 years and it never gave me any trouble. Good riding my friend