Les Trois Musee de Saint Louis

| 9/7/2012 1:30:00 PM

Motorcycle Classics readers should be aware that, in addition to the well-known motorcycle museums like the incomparable Barber, Harley-Davidson and AMA, there is a trio of very thorough and highly interesting collections all conveniently located in the home city of the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals. The museums are The Moto Museum, Classic Motorcycles Museum and Donelson Motorcycle Museum

There is a wide range of motorcycles on display in these three motorcycle museums, from rare lightweight German street bikes to the most complete collection of off-road competition bikes (trials, scrambles/motocross, ISDE and flat track) I have seen anywhere in the world. This is explainable when one realizes the knowledge and backgrounds of the museums’ curators. 

The Classic Motorcycles Museum 
There are many fine Husky's at the Classic Motorcycles Museum founded by the late, great Dave Mungenast. 

The late Dave Mungenast, founder of the Classic Motorcycle Museum, had a long career of ISDE rides in addition to being a card-carrying Hollywood film stunt rider.  

The Donelson Museum 
The Donelson Museum features many thundering, dirt-slinging flat-trackers. 

Carl Donelson is familiar to most off-road enthusiasts as the founder of the landmark Donelson Cycles and himself an accomplished rider.

John W Faulconbridge
9/13/2012 3:34:03 PM

I had the opportunity to visit the Mungenast and the Donelson museums and they are absolutely worth the effort. I will get back to see theMoto museum in the future (they weren't open during my last trip). The folks at Classic Motorcycle museum were great hosts even though they were busy getting ready to set up some of their board trackers for a reception across town. Donelson's were also very friendly and had the added attraction of being attached to the dealership. Don't miss these gems. John in Memphis