The SOHC4 Forum Rides Into Charlotte

| 6/18/2012 2:53:24 PM

After a Florida departure just a week prior, the epic SOHC/Four Forum cross country tour crossed through Georgia, South and North Carolina before taking a hiatus in Charlotte. This wasn’t a race, mind you, but a paced crossing planned to touch every state in the Union and every Canadian Province. It’s a seat of the pants, rather loosely planned six-month, 10,000 mile treck. And one of the humorous aspects of the ride is the rally/relay mascot, a small Godzilla replica, who made every mile of the journey.

So what does Godzilla do when he has a few days off from the tour? Why take in some motorcycle drag racing, of course.

Charlotte SOHC/Four Forum members spent the weekend at The Rock, aka Rockingham Dragway, supporting fellow forum member CBSam750A and MarkCB750 who were in the thick of the competition. Check out CBSam750A's winning, first-round run:


And you can take a closer look at his race bike below in the photos. That uncharacteristic “big black thing” you see on the side is a torque converter.

sohc drag race 1