SOHC/4 Forum Motorcycle Relay Ride Across California

| 7/27/2012 2:51:09 PM

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(Ed. Note: The Single Overhead Cam Four/Forum, an online community devoted to Honda SOHC/4 bikes of the late 1960s and 1970s, has loosely organized a relay/rally ride that will triple-transect the lower 48 states and all Canadian Provinces. The ride began in mid-March 2011 and continues into the early fall. Learn more and join the ride when it passes your area. )  

There have been some great rides during this forum member relay crisscrossing the continent, and even as I write this blog entry another is taking place over the continental divide amid freezing temperature and snow covered mountain passes. But until those ride logs are posted - soon I’m sure - you can sit back and enjoy a lengthy but highly enjoyable ride log by Sean Condon. Scondon, as Sean is known on the forum, racked up 2,000 miles from April 26-April 30, covering California from both north to south and west to east. His ride log is a look inside a true vintage bike enthusiast.

Sean doesn’t ride showroom bikes; he rides fast bikes - vintage fast bikes. He’s his own mechanic and a riding veteran. And you’ll see clearly the joy of his passion in reading his write-up of four days on the road meeting and riding with fellow forum members, visiting the legendary APE motorcycle race part manufacturer and taking some laps at California’s Willow Springs race track.

This post is not to slight any riders who’ve been covering miles of pavement the past couple weeks. There have been, as mentioned, some great rides and cool stuff happening nearly every day of the week. So Scottly, Fatmatt, Mr. Breeze, and Mooshie, to name a few, I’ll circle back to you soon. And you’ll read about ride originator Jerry Griffin’s crossing the Rockies in very questionable weather conditions. Promise.

To get you going on Scondon’s tale, first grab a beer and read “bookends” of his ride log below. Then click on the link and enjoy the whole story and great photos.

Sean Condon snaps a photo of his odometer before leaving home in Walnut
Creek, CA, headed for 29 Palms, CA.