SOHC4 Forum Relay Rally Hits the Road

| 6/15/2012 1:06:00 PM

Gozilla emerges 

Godzilla came ashore on the shores of Daytona Beach at Florida’s annual Bike Week, then hitched a ride on a vintage Honda Single Overhead Cam Four the next day to commence an unprecedented 10,000 mile, six month tour of the lower ‘48 and all of Canada’s provinces. But Godzilla took in a bit of Daytona festivities before his chauffer, Wilbur Mummey, scooted up Florida’s route A1A Saturday morning about 10:30 a.m.

Godzilla at Daytona International Raceway 

Godzilla checks out the race action at Daytona prior to the relay's start 

The ride, spawned by members of the website Single Overhead Cam Four Forums, saw its first two days of “road work” having its share of mechanical issues. A number of the riders who planned to make the first major treck to Savannah, Ga., were, literally non-starters. First, Wilbur’s planned riding partner, forum member “lrutt” failed to get his “long haul” SOHC/4 started so he fired up his short haul ride, sidecar and all, to meet Wilbur for breakfast and the official rally ride sendoff.

Getting ready for the rally start