The Whizzer Sportsman

| 12/15/2010 9:31:01 AM

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Any time you get a group of  old  bikers together and ask them about their first rides on a motor powered bike, there are three names that almost always surface, Whizzer, Cushman and Mustang. Mine was on a Whizzer motorbike. I had two Whizzers and a Cushman. 

I was recently thrilled when my friend and riding companion Art White asked me if I would like to see his Whizzer Sportsman motor bike that he has owned since he was a kid. My reply was “do bears poop in the woods? You bet I would.”

My interest level jumped up to 100 percent. I, like so many others of my generation got my first thrill of twisting a throttle and feeling the power as the bike surged forward on a Whizzer powered motorbike. Yes, the Whizzer for me was the start down a long path of motorcycling that has lasted for over 63 years. 

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John Carroll
8/13/2011 5:55:30 PM

Great article. Transported me back to a time in my boyhood. I owned a Whizzer Sportsman and rode it all the way from St.Louis Park, MN to Big Lake, MN ..... with a friend on the back! We were crazy! On the way home,it started to rain and the drivebelt would slip if we had to stop and restart. We would run alongside the bike and jump on when sufficient speed was reached to keep the bike moving in the rain. Lucky to make it back home alive in the traffic. Motorists and angels were looking after us. Saw a Whizzer Sportsman in Elmer's Museum at Fountain City, WI recently ... It rekindled old memories. If you're in the Fountain City area, you have to stop at Elmers. Google the name and view his website..... FANTASTIC! A must see!

Sharyn Nugent
12/29/2010 9:48:08 AM

Hearing my husband talk of all the old motorcycle he used as a child and young adult, it is always interesting to read about them and see the pictures. I really enjoyed this article!

Frank T. Schubert
12/23/2010 9:17:53 PM

I loved bicycles, and dreamed of a Whizzer, but did not have enough money, I think they were about$300. I worked part time after school and only made about$27 a week. My older cousin Bob Drew was amotorcycle rider and my friend. He said he would buy it for me and I could pay him back a little each week. This was like a dream come true. I will always remember the night spent in his basement as he bolted the Whizzer onto my bicycle frame. Pure splendor. I have been addicted to two wheel thrills ever since, and will always remember my cousin Bob and his kindness to me.