Two Friends and a 1959 Triumph Tiger Cub

| 10/3/2011 10:37:39 AM

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1959 triumph tiger cub 1 
Tom Foote (right) and his friend, Jim, on
a 1959 Triumph Tiger Cub back in 1963 just
before they each turned 16.

I’ve always had motorcycles in my life in some way, it would seem. My friend, Jim, has always been there as well. Since September 1954, actually, when we started elementary school.

My first ride on a motorcycle took place about the same time. My family was visiting my aunt and uncle in Montana. At that time, my uncle Theo owned a 1936 Indian Four and he insisted my mother allow me to go for a ride with him. I remember sitting in front of my uncle on the big tractor style seat. I was hooked from then on.

During the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962, Theo rode from Montana to Seattle on his 1961 250 Jawa to see the fair and visit us. Needless to say, Uncle Theo’s visits were always exciting and highly anticipated. Incidentally, we saw Elvis Presley while he was filming Take Me to the Fair.

1959 triumph tiger cub 2 
Tom and Jim on the Tiger Cub in Aug. 2010.  

In the above photo, taken in Aug. 2010, we attempt to recreate the photo from 1963. The Tiger Cub is exactly the same motorcycle except repainted blue. I bought it the summer of 1963 and have never parted with it. I also own a 1965 Honda CB-160 and two newer Harleys: a Sportster and Heritage Springer.

10/21/2011 2:16:16 PM

EXCELLENCE! i'Ve LOVED TigerCUBS all that Time also...and used to Ride on the Back of a '59? that an "OLDER" Guy in the Neighborhood had... He must have been in like 9th GRADE!! radical He would let me ride ReaRSaddle to Deliver Papers SometimeS IT was a little lighter Blue than you RePainted Yours... and another guy had a TwoTone One/ IT was Off White under light Grey Beautiful I finally Got One mySelf! Last Year i purVeyed a '61 from a Physics Doctor in GLASGOW, Scotland He says it was mostly for his Wife BLACK oVer SILVER I'm in NewMexicO if you ever wanTo see Pictures or anything Devotamente, JohndaviD >

10/21/2011 8:53:30 AM

Nice Article!