Classic motorcycles have a British accent at the 33rd BBC Rally and Show

| 8/8/2013 10:57:36 AM


Leader of the fast & fun “Burner Run,” T.C. Christenson (center) checks the map and plots a new course at the spectacular Pier Park in Rockbridge, Wis.  

There is a hearty group of motorcycle enthusiasts that are headquartered in Harley-Davidson’s home town, Milwaukee, but in their view the term “classic motorcycle” has a British accent. They are the members of the British Biker Cooperative, and their annual Rally and Show held near Blue River, Wis., (July 19-21) showcased some superb British Iron—and a lot of non-Brit bikes. In fact, though the BBC is devoted to British bikes, the rally is open to any make, model, or vintage—and to folks who don’t ride, for that matter.

The BBC is in its 36th year as an organization and it is dedicated to the preservation of the British motorcycle. That devotion is reflected in the BBC motto: “Long live the Limey!” The group’s annual rally brings in BBC members and riders from all over the region and the show features some great classic bikes. The 33rd renewal of the Rally and Show featured the “Year of the Scrambler.”


2013 was the year of the scrambler and this 1971 Norton 750 Commando SS owned by Rich Reed is one of the finer examples of a British street scrambler you’ll ever find.  Reed’s Norton took second overall in the featured Scrambler Class in the bike show. 

Rich Reed
8/16/2013 3:16:44 PM

What a surprise to see my '71 Norton SS in your latest news letter! Also enjoyed the accolades given to the BBC on their 33rd rally. It's always a great time for those of us who enjoy the British bike experience. Thanks, Rich Reed