The Modern Classics Motorcycle Show Happens March 4-5, 2016!

| 12/2/2015 11:55:00 AM

The Modern Classics Motorcycle Show logo

Can you believe it’s just over 90 days until the 2016 edition of The Modern Classics? Actually, we can, because the show planning committee has been working diligently in both processing early bike nominations and making arrangements for all those elements that make The Modern Classics so very special.

Here are just a few headlines to further whet your interest in this year’s show. 

Ultra rare Britten V1000 to appear at The Modern Classics

New Zealand industrialist John Britten created his World Championship Winning two-wheeled masterpiece in the early 1990s. Only 10 were ever built. We don’t exactly know where the other nine will be, but we do know that the one shown below (SN P0001-the first “production” unit) will spend March 4 and 5 on display at The Modern Classics. Come on out and take an up close and personal look at this rare and unique technical tour-de-force.

Britten V1000

Rider on a Britten V1000