Installing Rear Swingarm Bushings on a 1973 Honda CB500

| 8/14/2012 4:22:50 PM

 Here is a simple "How-To" project: installing fancy new rear swingarm bushings on a 1973 Honda CB500.

Sweet aftermarket bushings 

While stock bushings are readily available from, we opted for these sweet aftermarket bushings from Charlie O'Hanlon at Charlie's Place in San Francisco, Calif. Charlie had Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc. make a batch of these a few years ago and still stocks them. Made of C630 nickel-aluminum bronze, they should be long wearing. And because they're shouldered, they're much easier to install than the stock bushings, which require careful installation. Cost is $60 a set, about the same as stock bushings.

Take the bushing and press it into the swingarm recess by hand to get started 

Take the bushing and press it into the swingarm recess by hand to get started. Unlike the stock bushings, you don't have to worry about setting these to a specific depth: Just press them in until the shoulder meets the outer edge of the swingarm.

Set a piece of wood underneath the swingarm 

Jamie Elliott
10/21/2012 6:15:23 PM

do you know where i can purchase the frame bushings for the rear suspension? thanks

8/25/2012 10:00:49 PM

Don't forget to place the new bushings in a zip lock bag in your freezer's ice bin for an hour or so beforehand. The minimal amount of shrinkage this causes will make it all that much easier to insert the bushings into the swingarm.

Moto Preserve
8/23/2012 12:29:11 PM

I think the hardest part of this job is removing the old bushings...which was missing from this how-to. That would be a great help. Thanks fo rthe write up.