Art Deco on Wheels: 1930 Majestic

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by Serge Bueno
Serge Bueno's 1930 Majestic.

You could say Serge Bueno has come a long way on several levels.

At 14, he was zipping around Paris, France, aboard a 50cc Yamaha. He would go on to race motocross for 15 years, including the 2001 Rally of Tunisia, a 2,000-mile, 11-day desert run where he was one of the 60 who finished out of the 300 who started. And for decades he’s been tracking down ultra-rare, historic motorcycles and restoring them to perfection.

Four years ago, Serge packed up lock, stock and motorcycle barrels, and moved from France to the U.S. He then built his Los Angeles, California, shop, Heroes Motorcycles, literally with his own hands, opening its doors on the day before Christmas 2014, during which he “unwrapped” a treasure trove of antique, vintage and classic machines, along with a fully equipped restoration facility.

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