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Classic scoots

Reader Contribution by Landon Hall

I know the name of this publication is Motorcycle Classics and not Scooter Classics, but what the heck.

Scooters are cool, have tons of style and classic European scooters were many a man’s stepping stone to the motorcycle world. Here are four photos of scooters I recently purchased in Germany. My reason for selecting these scooters is plain and simple personal attraction. They look cute and with gas prices as high as they are today, scooters are fun and economical.

The first scoot is a 1960 IWL TR-1, commonly know as the “Troll.” It has a 150cc engine and boxy styling, and its two-tone paint make this East German scooter an Iron Curtain classic.

Next we have a 175cc, 1960 Cezeta. The snout on this one serves as a rolling bomb of sorts. Note that the gas tank is mounted directly behind the headlight! You’ve got your fuse and incendiary all in one!

Our third example is the 150cc 1956 NSU Lambretta Autoroller. NSU was at one time the largest producer of motorcycles in Europe. The Lambretta was an Italian design built under license by NSU in Germany. NSU Lambrettas are high quality, and many are still in use today.

Last but not least is my little 1960 NSU Prima. I really like the paint and chrome on this one, along with its jet-age styling that give this 175cc scooter pizzazz.

Scooters (and their four wheel kin, microcars) had their heyday in the late Fifties and early Sixties. They were popular when “motoring” was fun and exciting, and they’re still a lot of fun today. — John Landstrom

  • Published on Apr 23, 2007
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