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Join the Motorcycle Classics Editorial Advisory Group

Did you know you can help us decide what goes into each issue of Motorcycle Classics? You can, simply by joining our Editorial Advisory Group. If you’re not already a member of our advisory group, you probably didn’t realize that we survey every issue of Motorcycle Classics. In addition to giving their opinions on specific motorcycles and story ideas, advisory group members also choose the cover of every issue of Motorcycle Classics, helping us craft the classic motorcycle magazine you want to read.

In addition to helping us decide what goes into the magazine, advisory group members also give us feedback on the types of bikes they actually own and what they’re hoping to have parked in their garage next so we can learn more about our readers. We’ve been doing it this way since we started Motorcycle Classics over five years ago, and it’s helped us ensure Motorcycle Classics is your magazine.

And we won’t inundate you with surveys; we typically send out one to two a month. If you haven’t signed up yet, just follow this link to the Editorial Advisory Group sign up page. Hope to see your comments on a survey soon! – Richard Backus

  • Published on Oct 27, 2010
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