Au Naturel: 1978 Bultaco Streaker

By Dain Gingerelli

Rare as hen’s teeth, fewer than 100 Bultaco Streakers were brought to the U.S. over its three-year production.

Bob Vail’s “Similaria” Motorcycles

By Bob Vail

Reader Bob Vail builds motorcycles with a vintage look but have modern performance and features.

Sonic Boom: 1982 Can-Am Sonic 500

By Robert Smith

The Can-Am Sonic 500 wasn’t a big seller when it was built, making it a rare model today.

Yin and Yang: Vee Two Australia Imola Evo

By Alan Cathcart

First seen at the Barber Vintage Festival, the Vee Two Imola Evo is the realization of a dream.


Mahindra Group Buys BSA, Rights to JAWA

By Alan Cathcart

Among the future bikes envisioned is a single with the Gold Star name.

1951 FN Military M13

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

This 1951 FN Military M13 was one of hundreds of classic motorcycles at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.

Timing: Sidecar Racers David Holden and Krishna Hanns

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

Unlikely U.K. duo David Holden and Krishna Hanns are hooked on American sidecar racing.

The Evolution of Riding Styles

By the Motorcycle Classics Staff

From scratching the track to dragging their knees, racers have created new riding styles to keep up with and surpass the leader.