1942 Saroléa Magmotor

by Christian Williams

Very rare 1942 Sarolea Magmotor Belgian motorcycle featured on History Channel's "Pawn Stars" and sold at the 2010 MidAmerica Vintage Motorcycle Auction.

1975 Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro

by Ted Guthrie

Ted Guthrie reminisces on the acquistion of a 1975 Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro.

Footage from the 2010 Pre-1916 Motorcycle Cannonball

by Christian Williams

A collection of videos highlighting the 2010 Pre-1916 Motorcycle Cannonball

The Whizzer Sportsman

by Jack Jines

Art White tells reader Jack Jines about his childhood experiences with the prototype Whizzer Sportsman motor bike - a bike he still owns! - and his father's role with the Whizzer Motor Company.


Motorcycle Poll: Which classic single-cylinder thumper would you buy?

by Richard Backus

Oh for the days of the classic thumper. Time was when all the great British marques had something to offer the fledgling racer. Velocette never built anything but singles, with many people pointing to the 500cc Venom Clubman as the best of the breed. Norton of course had the immortal Manx, built in 350cc and 500cc versions and one of the winningest motorcycles ever made. And who can forget BSA’s incredible Gold Star, also in 350cc and 500cc guises. So the question is, if you could buy just one, which would it be?

Motorcycle Art: The Bike EXIF Motorcycle Calendar

by Landon Hall

For those of you that haven't yet heard of  Bike EXIF, it's a slick website that features a variety of unusual motorcycles, both classic and modern. The latest offering from the site is the Bike EXIF Motorcycle Calendar, and it's full of bikes from professional builders like Falcon Motorcycles, Deus Ex Machina, and the Wrenchmonkees, along with bikes you've seen in the pages of Motorcycle Classics, including two lovely custom cafés.    

Motorcycle Poll: Which classic V-twin would you buy?

by Richard Backus

  Ahh, the classic V-twin; simple, strong, it’s a template for the ages. For many people, Harley-Davidson’s Sportster defines the classic V-twin motorcycle, and has come to be the essence of motorcycling for many riders, and none more so than the classic Sportsters of the 1960s. Other makers have used the V-twin, and very successfully, too. Moto Guzzi entered the V-twin arena with the 704cc V7 in 1966, and likewise Ducati with the 748cc GT750 in 1971 (although often referred to as an “L” twin). So the question is, if you could buy just one, which would it be?

Motorcycle Poll: Which British Twin Would You Buy?

by Richard Backus

  When Triumph introduced the Bonneville 650 back in 1959, it set a new standard for a sporting British Twin and for the next 12 years was the symbol of British motorcycle might. BSA followed suit in 1962 when it introduced the unit construction A65 650 Star twin, the forerunner of BSA’s go-faster Rocket, Lightning, Hornet and others. Not to be outdone, Norton introduced the 750 Atlas the same year, hoping to trump its rivals in cubic capacity. The Atlas ultimately led to the iconic Commando of 1969-1975. All three spawned a generation of great British sport bikes. So the question is, if you could buy just one, which would it be?