Cars, Bikes and Steve McQueen Movies

By Matt Stone

Steve McQueen’s talent at the wheel of an automobile or aboard a motorcycle expanded his acting career and, eventually, gave him the power to influence movie scripts.

Historic Racer: Riding Sammy Miller’s 1934 Husqvarna 500 GP Racer

By Alan Cathcart

Alan Cathcart rides Sammy Miller’s iconic Husqvarna 500 V-twin racer

1925 Böhmerland

By the Motorcycle Classics staff

A 1925 Czech Böhmerland at the Barber vintage Motorsports Museum in Leeds, Alabama.

Race to Rebuild: Choose Our Next Custom Classic Motorcycle

by Landon Hall

Motorcycle Classics and Dairyland Cycle Insurance need your help to pick the next custom classic motorcycle in our “Race to Rebuild”


Santa and the bike shop

by Richard Backus

This clever bit just came to us from vintage bike collector and friend of the magazine Burt Richmond. Burt's note read : "Just a tad bit late or really, really early for Dec. 24, 2012!" It's too good not to share. Enjoy, and best wishes to everyone during the holiday season!

The Craigslist Chronicles: Buying a classic bike online

by John Luck

Looking for a vintage bike on Craigslist? Craigslist motorcycle ads are a free-for-all rodeo. No longer do you have to consider whether or not that junker bike that’s quietly rusting back into the loam is worth the effort and time of placing a $25 advertisement in a newspaper. With free listings, and the investment of a few minutes at the computer, you can easily add your non-running scrap yard candidate to the immense loop current of junk that’s being peddled on the Internet.

A Brief History of the Sidecar

by Robert Smith

A history of the sidecar and, more importantly, how England’s transportation needs were met by the sidecar rig.

Goodbye Gary Nixon and Claudio Castiglioni

By Alan Cathcart

Remembering Gary Nixon, winner of more than 150 AMA Grand National finishes, who died at age 70 from a heart attack, and Claudio Castiglioni, owner and president of MV Agusta, who died after succumbing to cancer.